Your ultimate guide on luxury handbags care



Taking care of leather goods can be tricky . And hard to believe, a quality leather handbag is more difficult to care than a cheap copy. 

If you read Lido's leather insider guide, you already know that genuine full grain leather handbags and wallets are more delicate then cheap ones, and they require special care to retain the original beauty.

This happens simply because the surface of a natural leather is somehow “naked”, without the heavy plastic coating you will find on cheap products. We often hear people complaining about scratches or marks on a beautiful bag made with precious but delicate lambskin, saying that the quality is not as good as on a cheap plastic looking one.


As at Lido we only use the most refined  full grain leathers, we want to share some tricks to make sure  your made in Italy handbag will look beautiful for years.


Beautiful and luxurious leathers need to be treated with respect! And if you understand this, your luxury full grain leather can last for life, while a cheap one will quickly wear as soon as the top finishing start to crack.


The best leather care is preventive care


The best secret to preserve the beauty of your bag is preventative care, and you should try to avoid direct sunlight and water as they are the worse enemies of leather. Try to not leave any leather product (bags, wallets, purses) in direct sunlight as this will cause fading. This is especially important for vegetable leather products, as they are very sensitive to light and water. It could be difficult to remove water marks - however if dried out immediately one can limit the damage. At this stage, do not use and aggressive product and do not rub the leather too much; all you need to do is gently remove the water a with a soft neutral color cloth 


Leather cream and moisturizer


We think it is not necessary or recommended to use any type of leather treatments or to add waterproof products, especially when your bags is new.With vegetable leather only could be beneficial to use a natural leather cream (or neutral colored shoe polish) to nourish the leather and remove marks, scratches or water marks. We like Collonil creams but there are a lot of very good products, just make sure you always buy a neutral one rather than a particular color (which will contain a dye) and test on an inconspicuous area of the handbag. Do not use hand creams (even though these are great for your skin, they contain mineral oils and waxes that are not compatible with leather, and they will attract dirt and soil), do not use lanoline leather creams/conditioners (the lanolin oil rots leather and makes restoration virtually impossible) and do not use Saddle Soap under any circumstance (too harsh for handbag leathers - pH over 10 which causes pH damage to leather over time)


Remove Stains the Right Way


If your bag get dirty, try first rubbing it with a with a soft cloth which is slightly damp and wipe all exposed leather parts. If this is not enough, try with a little bit of natural color leather cream. Dab this cream on the mark or dirt and use a dry soft cloth to buff out the mark. If this doesn’t work unfortunately there is no way to remove the stain without ruining the bag, and we don’t suggest to try harsh product. 


Look out for color transfer


Do not forget that leathers (especially vegetable ones) are dyed and as such they may transfer a small amount of color onto clothing. This is a typical characteristic of natural leathers and will mean that your bag ages beautifully. Color transfer will reduce over time but can not be avoided. Color transfer works in both ways, from your bag to your clothes and from your clothes to your bag. So avoid wearing dark clothes with light color bags and the other way round. Extra care need to be used when the leather get humid or wet (as this increase the color transfer) and with suede bags (as suede or nabuck are very sensitive to color transfer)


Store your bag properly


All our products are provided with a dust bag to be used for storage and protect your bag. The storage bag that is provided with all Lido bags and wallets are in soft cotton to not to scratch the surface of your leather item and in natural color that will not transfer. When selecting a place to store your leather item, look for an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight and large temperature differences. It is important that the bag is not stored in humid conditions since leather will commonly absorb excess humidity and endanger the bag to potential molds. It is very important to avoid direct contact between a leather bag (especially patent leather ) with other product as the leather could absorb the color and leave marks. Make sure your bag is empty before to storage it for long. Leather and lining are highly absorbent and anything left inside the bag becomes a potential risk for color transfer. To make sure your bag will retain the shape will be very beneficial to stuff it using tissue paper - or any other type of paper with no transferable colors. Ball them up and lightly stuff the item so that it takes its natural shape. The paper should be loosely rolled up and fit into the bag so that it fills in the folds. If the bag is stored in a form that is not natural then it will adopt the new form. Do not use newspaper, because the ink can transfer to the lining of the bag or the leather - leaving a permanent stain


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