leather handbags made in italy craftsmanship venice

Finest Venetian Artisans

Modern design and century-old craftsmanship 

The brilliance of Venice’s glory days still shines in its ateliers where master artisans preserve traditional craftsmanship alive

Murano glass, sumptuous fabrics, fine jewelry and Burano lace are just the beginning.

To find the most unique, one must look past the tourist shops to discover the ateliers where artisans still work exclusively by hand, using traditional techniques that preserve Venice’s unique history.

We work with the best Venetian artisans, to find creative ways to use traditional materials into modern bags. We source here fabrics, leathers, embroideries and accessories. We find here the best ateliers where the leather accessories are still crafted by hand using the most traditional techniques

Modern Times Artisans

We don't think luxury is about selling loads of expensive products to aspirational customers, but about quality of time and rediscovering an ethical relationship with suppliers and craftspeople. Each detail is designed and manufactured in Italy by hand to create a unique item that will last lifetime and beyond. Each bag is crafted in very small quantities, and in numbered edition

Premium Leather

Locally sourced from some of the world best tanneries

As the design of our product is timeless, so the quality of the materials we use. The Veneto is home of some of the best leather tanneries in the world. Here we find the best genuine leather especially selected to make sure bags are going to age beautifully, and to not loose the shape over time

A statement of the less obvious luxury

We think a real luxury product should be the result of artisan skills, not industrial machinery. Our artworks are hand painted in Venice by masters, rather then being printed by ink-jet machines. The metallic bags are finished with the traditional technique of gold gilding, instead of using laminated leather. All glass accessories are exclusively hand made in Murano

Luxury accessories

Moulded in Italy from genuine brass.

Lido signature jewel lock has been develop with an hidden mechanism to appear as a solid geometric bar. As the rest of the hardware we use, is moulded in Italy from genuine brass. After being plated in precious silver, it is hand brushed to achieve a vintage effect and unique shades. The geometric shape of the lock and this exclusive finishing has been inspired by the Venetian’s domes worn by the history

Most authentic matherials

We look for the finest quality, the rarest materials with a story to tell. The jacquard velvet we use in our jacquard and velvet collection has been woven in Venice on 18th century looms, but you would most likely find its geometric pattern at the Biennale rather than in the Doge’s palace. We are proud to use traditional techniques and preserve the most exquisite Italian craftsmanship



We will be happy to meet  in Venice to show you our products, hand deliver your bag or just to have a chat!