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A Modern Times Artisan guide to shopping in Venice

June 23, 2017

Venice is a bit stuck in his past when we talk about shops, and shopping in Venice can be quite  frustrating if you are not after opulent baroque velvets or the ubiquity of mask shops.


Are you looking for an international fashion brands (you can find everywhere else in the world), or a traditional murrina and carnival masks? You are packed with choices. But if you are after something more then that, it is going to be hard. If we talk leather good shops, the vast majority are tourist traps selling cheap bags pretending to be made in Florence.

But in this story we don’t want to limit our research to bags; we want a selection of shops that share Lido’s vision, doesn’t matter the products they sell. This is why in this list you will find modern time artisans offering not only traditional craft, exclusive materials, and beautiful make, but also able to revisit tradition in an innovative and modern way.



Here you are our essential guide for Venice’s very best shops



Chiarastella Cattana

 Her shop is in the lovely Piscina San Samuele – tucked away behind Campo Santo Stefano and close to several lovely antique shops and galleries. You will find here tablecloths, dutets and gorgeous fabrics in modern colors and botanical motifs with materials woven on traditional looms in the Veneto. As well as very beautiful linens and textiles, you will find irresistible jewellery pieces, accessories, and unusual things to wear, all unique pieces carefully chosen by her. 

chiarastella cattana venice shop guide

Marina e Susanna Sent

The designer has taken the ancient art of glass-making in exciting new directions. They are an all-female company and since 1993, when they were commissioned a necklace of golden beads by the MoMa of New York, they have never stopped. They promote Murano glass in the world though an innovative and contemporary brand, applying innovation to traditional methods. You will find here an amazing selection of jewellery from the bright and chunky to the delicate and ethereal.

marina susanna sent venice best shopping guide

Oh my blue

More an art gallery then a shop, with a selection of contemporary jewelry and handmade fashion pieces. Elena Rizzi showcases edgy, show-stopping jewellery, accessories and decorative objects from both local and international talents. Expect anything from quartz rings and paper necklaces, to sculptural bags and ceramics. 
ohmyblue venice essential shopping guide

Lido Venezia

Our bags are inspired by the beauty and the history of the floating city and we are proud to partner with master artisans and master weavers to produce the finest quality accessories. We choose to only produce small quantities to allow real artisan manufacturing and meticulous quality, combining Venetian stories with exceptional expertise to transform tradition into modern design. We are working right now on the opening of our first shop in Venice, for the moment you can find our accessories collection on
venice shopping guide essential lido venezia accessories


The art of glass pearl is an old tradition spreading the city. In Dorsoduro skilled hands interpret the art of Murano glass making, and the artisan tradition becomes contemporary art. It’s Perlamadredesign philosophy, glass jewels brand inside a creative space where Venetian pearls come to life. Inside the atelier, which is located in an area full of stores, gardens, museums, every pearl is a design piece that shows the tradition, the chromatic research and the creativity of the two souls of Perlamadre: the glass designer Patrizia Iacovazzi, from Salento, and the Venetian designer Evelina Pescarolo.
perla madre design venice best shops guide artisans


Strolling afoot through the foundations of Murano, the visitor provided with refined sensitivity, lost in a myriad of gift shops and restaurants duly arranged for mass tourism, would find himself unpleasantly surprised. Fortunately, with the aid of specific information and a brisk curiosity, she or he would come to discover some real gems as well. Most likely have seen Carlo Moretti glasses before (or their imitators) For over 50 years, Moretti has drawn the attention of the international market due to its distinctive formula, which merges the centennial craftsmanship of the island’s glass masters with contemporary Italian design . L'Isola, which recently moved to the art-gallery street of Calle de le Botteghe, is the Moretti showroom in central Venice.  You'll find lighting , vases, bowls, carafes and other items, all beautifully displayed, and all displaying Moretti's confident, insouciant way with form and colour, which brings out all the beauty and magic of his chosen material.

carlo moretti shopping glass best murano shop artisan

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