Lido di Venezia is no commonplace.

 The visitor that arrives here on the short Vaporetto ride instantly understands that this long and narrow island is the result of many silent, yet vibrant, dialogues between opposites: the Venetian lagoon and the open sea; the unmistakable lines of Venice architecture at the horizon and the eclectic blend of Liberty summer villas and hotels with rationalist buildings; the chill of beach-goers relaxing at Alberoni’s dunes and the busy bustle of the town-center.

The Lido has been playing a magical spell for centuries. It’s not by chance that this is where Venetian Doge celebrated the “Marriage of the Sea” declaring Venice and the sea indissolubly one. The likes of Diaghilev, Coco Chanel, and Churchill holidayed here, making it the most elegant beach in Europe. But its charm went beyond the label of “à la mode” beach resort and the Lido became a sanctuary for leading world literature writers as Lord Byron and Thomas Mann who chose it as their home. Today, during the Venice Film Festival, the Lido gives a “dolce vita” stage to new languages and expressions in the seventh art.

This effortless balance, this quintessential contamination between heritage and modernity, inspired us to create “Lido, Venezia”, something unique in the world of luxury handbags.

After working in different high-end fashion houses, we become convinced that current luxury products do not deliver the promised quality anymore. 
Spending a lot of money does not guarantee you anything these days. Expensive products can be almost as poorly made as the cheap ones, and often made in an unethical way without respect for the people and the environment. The reduced time between design cycles has led to an increase in alleged plagiarism, as the pressure to create new collections is as much as a concern for mass-market players as it is for luxury brands. Designers are more and more sanctioned for production, encourage to constantly repeat them-self to deliver what is selling rather than defining what will sell  through forward-looking design risk. This translates into products that look more and more alike, tiresome after few weeks, made in same materials and with the same standardized production techniques.

We think this can't last for long. We don’t want to be another fashion brand. We don’t think luxury is selling expensive products in high volumes to aspirational customers. Without obeying to fashion trends, marketing statistics or the seasonal moods, we want to create beautiful yet timeless products.

At Lido Venezia we are “Modern Time Artisans”. We believe in superior quality defined by a modern, and sometimes cheeky, design, by the careful choice of materials and traditional production techniques and, most importantly by the respect of time.  
We think luxury is quality of time. This means giving time to our suppliers to work with attention and in a sustainable way. Our production is limited to very small batches to allow a real artisanal manufacturing. The materials we use are, as much as possible, locally sourced from small suppliers, who use traditional methods and preserve the Italian craftsmanship in wowing fabrics, tanning the leather and transforming brass into accessories.

This means offering to our customers a unique item that will last lifetime and beyond. In a world where people and products look more and more alike, we want our handbags be an expression of our customers unique, lifestyle philosophy. Our customers are modern times flâneur, who like to discover new things, defy categorizations, and create their own personal traditions. People in constant evolution and revolution, but remaining effortlessly true to themselves.

This is the statement of the less obvious luxury.