made in italy bags luxury leatehr lido venezia

Timeless materials

All materials are sourced from suppliers who use traditional techniques and preserve  the most exquisite italian craftsmanship. As the design of our product is timeless, so the quality. This is why we only use genuine leather especially selected to make sure bags are going to age beautifully and to not loose the shape over time. 

Modern Time Artisans 

We don't think luxury is about selling loads of expensive products to aspirational customers, but about quality of time and rediscovering an ethical relationship with suppliers and craftspeople.  Each detail is designed and manufactured by hand to  create a unique item that will last lifetime and beyond.

made in italy handbag leather craftsmanship
made in italy handbags luxury artisan lido venezia

Venice from my window 

Fabrics, leathers, embroideries and accessories are as much as possible locally sourced. The geometric jacquard velvet we use is woven in Venice on 18th century looms with the same technique and the same quality level imposed by the doge in the Reinassance 

Luxury components

Our signature jewel lock, as the rest of the hardware we use, is molded in Italy from genuine brass.  After the precious plating,  a manual process of polishing and brushing the metal allows to achieve a vintage silver effect. As a result each piece has an unique color and a different shade. 

made in italy handbag hardware lido venezia

Limited editions

All our bags are made in Italy in numbered editions and in very small batches to allow a real artisan manufacturing. This means giving time to our suppliers and master artisans to work in a sustainable way and to achieve the best possible quality.  

made in italy bags luxury materials lido venezia
made in italy bags luxury materials lido venezia

Designing the future

Venice and the Veneto are home of some of the oldest artisans, guarding techniques that are passed for centuries between generations. Lido defends and redevelop in a modern way this heritage intrinsically linked to tradition and history, the drivers of true identity